Kaitlyn Gottleib

From the first time I played Monopoly as a 5 year old, I knew there was something about Real Estate I was addicted to! I was fully immersed in the excitement, trades, negotiations and the idea of acquiring property! In the 20+ years to follow, that passion, interest and excitement continued to grow, flourish and eventually transpired into my forever career that I am so passionate about!

After I purchased my first home (only to realize on the day I moved in there were no closets, which for a 20 year old female, was going to be a big problem!), I knew there had to be a better way to help people fall in love with Real Estate while properly guiding them.

An experience with positive outcomes and no unanticipated surprises!

I love helping people design and create the lifestyle they want, by finding them the place they come home to at night, their personal haven, a place to lay roots, start their families, let their relationships and careers flourish and somewhere that they can be proud of.

My career is much more than selling houses, it is the achievement of getting to help people design and create the life that they want. It is the most rewarding and exciting part of my career.

My personal philosophy in my career is offering luxury service for every home and every client at every price point.

I live and breathe real estate!

When it comes time to buy your dream home or sell a house you have loved, call me! I want to hear your story and be part of your results.